Victory Life Centre Inc.

In 1973 Margaret encountered God for the first time in her life. Sitting in a church service in Paris, Margaret clearly remembers wondering if there was more to God. She asked God to reveal himself to her so she would know that he was real. A year later, she was given a book titled How to Be Born Again, Margaret found herself drawn to it, reading the book multiple times. After returning to Perth Margaret attended a charismatic-style church meeting with her ‘born-again’ friend Anne Edgar. The man preaching asked the congregation if they wanted to know Jesus in a personal way and if so, to come forward as a public declaration to accept Jesus as their Lord and Saviour.

This request caused an internal conflict within Margaret, she knew that were she to go forward everyone present would know who she was, after all, she was still the world’s number one tennis player and a life-long Catholic. That night she felt compelled to give her life to Christ. Margaret said "It felt as though someone had switched the light on inside". Margaret describes it as“an incredible peace and joy" flooding her whole being. Her doubts about the reality of God had finally been lifted. God was instantly so close to her the day she became ‘born-again’ in the Spirit, that it firmly has a place in her memory. Margaret says it was the greatest day of her life and nothing could take that away from her.

Outside of the tennis sphere, Margaret is revered for her strong Christian witness and leadership. She is driven to win the lost to Jesus so that they may experience the perfect love, peace and joy that she does every day. After becoming an ordained minister in 1991, Rev Margaret Court founded Victory Life Centre in 1995 where she currently serves as the Senior Pastor.

Victory Life Centre was established with the vision "To train an army who know who they are in Christ and who Christ is in them, to take this city and nation for Jesus" and to bring people to know Christ in a deep and personal level.

Victory Life International Bible Training Centre (VLIBTC) was established in 1997 to see this vision become a reality. It is a pentecostal, word of God based college to train champions in Christ. With a vision to "train and equip men and women to reach their full potential in Christ; in life, the workplace and ministry and to take this city, nation and world for Jesus." Rev Margaret serves as the Principal of the college, with the aim of seeing a "mighty work of mercy, love and compassion be established in this great city of Perth". Students enjoy Bible College as they are not only able to grow in their faith and learn the Bible but they also have real-life experience with ministry work.

The Bible clearly states in Romans 10:9-10: 'If you confess with your mouth the Lord Jesus and believe in your heart that God has raised Him from the dead, you will be saved. For with the heart one believes unto righteousness, and with the mouth confession is made unto salvation.'

The Prayer of Salvation

'Heavenly Father, I believe Jesus is Your Son and that You have raised Him from the dead. I thank You that You have forgiven and forgotten all my past mistakes — that old things have passed away and all things are now new. I am born again. I have new life right from this moment. I have eternal life now in the name of Jesus and I think You for it. Amen.' (2 Corinthians 5:17)]